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Agilent interlocks should be reset

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Interlocks on the SL C100 modules being warmed up should be increased to match those on 2L07 (fig. 3) so the relief plates don't lift if there's lots of frozen air within. Since 2L26 is being pulled that system might simply be turned off, perhaps first turning off the turbo and then opening the right angle valve so the scroll pump can bring the vacuum back down to the mTorr range. Then turn it off too.

COMPLETED Transition logbooks certificate authority to 4096 bits

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Task Complete.

The new larger keys have been generated and placed into ~/.elogcert for all regular ACE user accounts. Certificates used for service accounts (wildfly, apache, accadm, etc.) whose naming and location vary can be replaced at their owner's discretion.

Note that the older 1024-bit certificates won't work on RHEL9, so when services are moved to RHEL9 they will need to obtain a new logbook certificate at that time.

COMMENT ON C100 stub tuning

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4K and at least 40% liquid should be just fine for adjusting Qext. There will be excessive microphonics that will make the BW measurements noisier if the shields are at 100 K rather than their nominal 40K.


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Resubmitting for approval. Plan is to start measuring and adjusting Qext as needed to reach target of 1.5e7 on C100 zones. Qext measurements would start on NL as soon as Helium and shield temperatures allows it. As suggested by J. Benesch we need to determine if 4K Helium temperatures is a suitable temperature to work the Qext adjustments. We do have 1L23 as reference since we did stub tunning work while @ 2K last SAD. We can start measuring Qext there and decide how to proceed.


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