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iocnl24srfvac restored

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Log Number: 3858401Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.2.1 Target restore date was 2020-11-23 14:54:28 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocnl24srfvac srfvac12@2020-11-23 14:54 50(50) restored system@2020-11-23 14:54 2(2) restored Execute: /usr/csite/certified/bin/ced2Epics -ced ced -A -s -i iocnl24srfvac (success) Procedure return status: Success

PL^3 for Run 3, beam on eHD60

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Log Number: 3858390Logbook(s): Entry Makers: sandorfiBody: 

Magnets at {20A, 47A, 320A} for NMR scans

M904 - fig 1
M905, Raster OFF - fig 2
M905, Raster ON - fig 3
Raster scale = 1.2 - fig 4
FC4 current = 50 pA - fig 5

14:04, first beam on eHD60, <Ie> = 40 pA
Halo = fig 6

bulk GaAs wafer puck31 still has enough QE

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Log Number: 3858351Logbook(s): Entry Makers: chgarciaBody: 

If the gun is happy at 200 kV, without field emission, we should be in good shape, there's still QE on the wafer. First fig shows today's QE scan, second fig shows last week's scan before krypton processing (the wafer was happy sitting in the prep chamber, it's not significant that today's numbers are higher than last week's).

IN a couple hours we will know if run3 starts today (hold me Smithers)

puck swap complete, no problems

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Log Number: 3858347Logbook(s): Entry Makers: poelkerBody: 

I removed puck #8, designated dummy photocathode for HV processing. I installed puck 31 which I verified to still have QE, about 1/3 the value from activation. Which should be enough for run3

Puck #31 i.d. seems smaller than puck #8, which could explain why puck 31 is so uncooperative. ANd indeed the schneedle seems to be made of aluminum, which I think is too soft and prone to generating particulates, which are bad for high voltage.

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Day #46, Week 10 Day 1, Plans:

Tunnel --
* Opportunistic cable pulls?

InjSB --
* PSS Upgrades, mostly at IN02{BNI,29,30}, but
occasionally in others throughout building for hardware
installation. (Beizer)
* Viewer upgrades, IN03B{06-07} (Norris)
* Harp upgrades, IN03B07 (Dela Cruz)
* CIS rack work -- Wien system documentation, IN01B{00-
05} (Windham)

Test Lab --
* V-wien bake complete.

iocse4 restored

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Log Number: 3858343Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.2.1 Target restore date was 2020-11-21 06:12:02 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocse4 system@2020-11-21 06:12 2(2) restored seebpm@2020-11-21 06:12 2641(2641) restored SEE_BURT 61(61) restored Execute: /usr/csite/certified/bin/ced2Epics -ced ced -A -s -i iocse4 (success) Procedure return status: Success


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