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COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Day #135, Week 27 Day 5, Wrap-Up:

* Wien (WF) magnets installed on beamline.
* UHV ion pump HV patch box mounted on pedestal. 3873292
* PSS kicker conduit installed.
* All MechInstall work in support of AIPINJ Phase I completed with exception of removing grout-forms and cutting off excess all-thread from Wien pedestals. Both to occur Monday morning. 3873199
* BPM RF modules staged on new girders, no connections made. Staging represents first-choice placement, not necessarily final. 3873243

Other Injector SAD Work --
* Five InjSB penetrations closed and sealed.

Start of C75 CD in the CMTF

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All wavegiude are in the e-10 range and the beamline is at 3.3 e-9. The insulating vacuum is at 3.1e-6.

All diodes and valves are responding

UHV Ion Pump HV Patch Panel Mounted

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Channels: VIP1I02c, VIP1I03c, VIP1I04c, VIP1I05c, VIP1I06c, VIP1I07c, VIP0I01c, VIP0I02c

Ion pumps placed on local supply during patch panel mounting work on downstream Wien pedestal. After, pumps returned to usual supplies with remote EPICS readback.

COMMENT ON *Vacuum Activities CEBAF 03/03/20 through

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9:25am Girder 1L04 Beamline/VBV leak check = Good.
10:40am Start VIP1L04A will continue to Pump w/Turbo
Cart over weekend.

10:50 Set-up and Certified Turbo Cart#1 @ 1L16/1L17 for
Slow Pumpdown it is readied for use.

11:25am NEG1L14A Start Activation Process
1:36pm NEG1L14A Activation complete.
1:40pm VIP1L14A = 3.0e -8 Torr
VIP1L14B = 9.4e -8 Torr
VIP1L15A = 5.7e -8 Torr
VIP1L15B = 9.9e -8 Torr

COMMENT ON CMTF forward and reflected kpower calibration

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Continuing calibration of the system found 5Vdc power distribution box had been impacted by the LCW leak from the nearby Waster Port Load. This caused a loss of power to 5 RF Sensors. Box has been removed and taken to the Fab Shop for repair. All 4 Klystrons DC trip level parameters have been calibrated. Techs: D. Gelhaar, T. Davis and S. Holben

COMMENT ON Remove/reinstall Injector bpms 2I01 thru 0I02 in support of Injector Upgrade for 2020 SAD

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This beam line configuration has had many bpm name changes for the New
Injector beamline. Here are the Injector bpm names starting at the beginning
of the injector and ending at IPM0I05: 2I00, 2I00A, 2I01A, 1I02, 1I03, 1I04,
1I05, 1I07, 0I01 and 0I01B. All the SEE bpm RF modules for these bpms have
been retested and adjusted in my office. Today I returned these modules back
downstairs in the Injector to their almost original locations but with new

iocwa2mag restoration failed

Log Number: 3873209Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.2.1 Target restore date was 2021-04-09 10:15:33 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocwa2mag magnet_MAG@2021-04-09 10:15 The EPICS 'put' failed for the following MXB6T01.BDL MXB6T02.BDL MXE8T01.BDL MXE8T01.COEF MXE8T01.THRS MXE8T02.BDL MXE8T02.COEF MXE8T02.THRS MXF4T01.BDL MXF4T02.BDL MXF4T02.COEF MXK2T01.BDL MXK2T01.COEF MXK2T02.BDL MXK2T02.COEF MXR2T06.BDL MXR2T06.COEF MXT4T05.BDL MXT4T05.COEF MXT4T05.THRS MXU6T04.BDL MXU6T04.COEF MXU6T04.THRS MXV4T04.BDL MXXAT01.BDL MXXAT01.COEF

iocwa2mag restored

Log Number: 3873195Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.2.1 Target restore date was 2021-04-09 10:15:33 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocwa2mag magnet_MAG@2021-04-09 10:15 392(392) restored ThinSeptas_MAG@2021-04-09 10:15 5(5) restored Pause: 2 second(s) magnet_HVAL@2021-04-09 10:15 178(178) restored ThinSeptas_HVAL@2021-04-09 10:15 5(5) restored Pause: 2 second(s) magnet_CMPQ@2021-04-09 10:15 382(382) restored ThinSeptas_CMPQ@2021-04-09 10:15 10(10) restored Pause: 2 second(s) magnet_LOOP@2021-04-09 10:15 178(178) restored ThinSeptas_LOOP