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1L25 Turbo Observations

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Tracked the foreline pressure on 1L25 (insulating vacuum gauge out of service). The pump is able to hold the foreline pressure for ~20 minutes before sudden rise. Once the foreline pressure reaches 75 millitorr, the pump interlocks and turns off. At 100 millitorr, the foreline valve closes. Takes about 25 minutes before the pump can turn back on again (when foreline vacuum reaches a permissible level).

In the LivePlot below, I tracked one unsuccessful cycle of the pump turning on normally during this foreline pressure rise. And one cycle where the pump soft starts (spins up in stages).

TRITIUM has been disabled in alarm handler

Log Number: 3589656Logbook(s): Body: ACC=>TRITIUM has been disabled in alarm handler

Hall A is doing testing until about noon. They will go off during that time, but they will call when testing is done

COMMENT ON 2L07 Temperature Bump

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During the insulating vacuum leak check I pinpointed a 1e-4
leak in the downstream end can end plate beamline 0-ring.
See leak check and pictures in attachments

tunerExerciser and its use during warm-up

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tunerExerciser usage instructions:
From an xterm/terminal server:
[21] michaelm@opsl06 > ccd tunerExerciser
[22] michaelm@opsl06 > tunerExerciser

That will give you the exerciser (Fig. 6/9). As long as the server heartbeat is counting on the right side you are good to go. (The server is tunerExerciseServer on opsbat1, forever file restarts it every 15 minutes if it dies.) Default step size is 50k steps and 1 minute interval. (So it will wait a minute, step up 50k steps, wait a minute step down 50k steps, the down another 50k and finally back up 50k to bring it back to where things started).

Hall C helium pressure out (bad sensor)

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The Hall C helium pressure out readback is showing railed at 4.999 PSIG, checked voltage at the cross connect, 2.89VDC is within range, contacted Radcon and got the okay to swap out the sensor, replaced the sensor and the readbacks are back within range at .135 PSIG.

Laser C Set to 500 MHz

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Laser C Set to 500 MHz NamePVInitialNow Frequency StringpgunFreqDiv:C:frequency250 MHz500 MHz FrequencypgunFreqDiv:C:frequencyVal249.5499 LLRF PhaseR0L3PSET58.0055 LLRF FrequencyR0LCNTL1r1