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COMMENT ON Magnet warm region girder work - SAD 2023

Recent Log Entries -

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Magnet Measurement:

Status update for SL warm region girders at MQL2L26-MQL2L27.

We have completed all magnet work/disassembly at these two girder locations. The LCW is OFF, and quads are ready to be separated, minus we left one bolt in each quad finger tight (aisle side-please place bolt in bin) just to avoid any incident. The DB/DJ corrector pairs are removed as well. So, Tony can get to the BPM cables and disconnect, and Greg and vacuum group are ready to roll. Adding S/A in case Chris has any work prior to removal.

PSS Upgrades in MCC

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PSS firmware updates are continuing in the MCC. Good progress is being made.
Additionally we replaced 18 safety output modules in the NL with updated components.

Trimmed LERF ODH OM218

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ODH sensor OM2018 in the LERF alarmed.
Sensor was found reading low without actual ODH condition. Sensor was adjusted to normal O2 level.
This is a second time for this sensor to slowly drift down since replacement. If it happens again we will have to replace it.

COMMENT ON Injector Beamline Repairs: Winter 2022 SAD

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Vented beamline from chopper through capture.
Removed YAG viewer without tophat, installed one with tophat to avoid viewer charging.
Removed harp that was inserted too far to use with tophat, replaced with reworked one compatible with tophat on viewer.
Disconnected beamline downstream of chopper, blanked off
Pumping down with turbopump cart overnight, leak check tomorrow.

Details: https://logbooks.jlab.org/entry/4152988

COMMENT ON PSS system SAD general Maintenance

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Log Number: 4152990Logbook(s): Body: 

With kicker tests completed the gun group disconnected the PSS kicker control cable for vacuum work. Before installing the new 200 kV kicker magnet we'd like to perform a "soft" low temp bake of that section of beam line, won't happen for some weeks TBD.


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