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PD UPDATE: stormy weather

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Four C100s in the NL and five in SL tripped with the thunder as I started writing.

Ops is still working on Compton background for hall A.

B and D have been getting beam after checking that they don't cause background in A.

C has been steered up for Moller measurement, including a 17% reduction in the 20 mm vertical chicane values to reduce vertical offset on diagnostic girder.

2L04 is recovering from a trip as I write; that's a C50. And all the SL C100s just went again.

Where We Are In Between C100s Trips

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We've added +6 degrees of bunch compression into 0L04 gang phase. This appears to have greatly reduced Compton background rates in Hall A. They are setup to receive 150uA on Carbon-1% target to further check these.

Hall B and D have reported to adverse effects as a result of the bunch compression.

Hall C is awaiting the start of their Moeller measurement. It is setup and ready for 1uA.

If we can keep RF up, we plan to keep the bunch compression in 0L04 and get Hall A up to high currents, while continuing physics delivery to B and D and beginning the Hall C Moeller measurement.

Bunch compression reduced compton rates greatly

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Going positive 6 degrees on 0L04 gangphase reduces compton rates to background rates. Using 5.5 uA tune mode.
Hall B and Hall D are running at their desired currents of 200 nA and 350 nA CW respectively. Checking with halls if this is effecting their beam quality and seeing if we can run with this and will see how the rates look sending CW beam into Hall A.


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Date : 08-12-20
Time : 14:56:02
Day : Wednesday
Shift : Swing

Crew Chief : Moser
Program Deputy: Benesch
Team : C
Arm : Forman
Designated SSO: Deir
LERF Operator:
Operators : Forman, Deir

This stamp certifies that the above Crew Chief has read/reviewed/received the following:


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