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Pathlength Correction

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Log Number: 3826020Logbook(s): Entry Makers: moserBody: 

Using D-laser. Figure 1: Before adjustments. Gang phased NL and SL already. Figure 3: After. Figure 4: Re-grab of dogleg calc.

Figure 5: After some minor AR steering. Good enough.

Gangphasing Using D-Laser

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Log Number: 3826016Logbook(s): Entry Makers: moserBody: 

Figures 1 and 2: After NL GP crested, still getting a bit of stripey beam on 1A SLM using 7.7uA of Hall D tune mode.

Figure 3: After SL Gang phasing.

Autolog restore

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Log Number: 3826001Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl632
Data from: /usr/opdata/burt/allsnap/08-12-20_08:31:12
Restored file: /tmp/08-12-20_20:54:25.snap

Backing out of moller

Autolog save

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Log Number: 3826000Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl632

Saved: eforman 08-12-20 20:54:13 {A:1 B:5 C:5 E:1050 A=BS B=BS C=BS D=BS 0R08=0.00 No dumps in. Autosave prior to restore.


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