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MHBM702V Mismatch

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Magnet showed mismatch -- tried setpoint, nothing -- tried reseat, nothing.
Went up to swap the card... spare trim card wasn't good. No longer reading current, and showing board/block overheat and not ready. Double checked to make sure the card was in correctly. Looked good, lights were showing proper config... guess it's just a bad spare.

Going to attach Separate red tags to each trim replacement -- but this log will be used to describe the issues with both... I'll be sure to include which issue was presented by which trim.

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Walkthrough with INSTALL and ME complete done, went well, we made a good plan. The photocathodes and manipulators are all secured against the heater assembly. Phil will sure up LM and add stop rings to short manipulators. Prep vacuum remains good on UHV~3.5 nA usual baseline. Phil is adding heat to HV chamber NEG's, turbo still on, IP off. Phil's got the ball, he'll work with INSTALL Thur ~6am during gun table move.

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Day #28, Week 6 Day 3, Plans:

Tunnel --
* CIS + MechInstall Walk-Through of Gun2 Table Move,
Removal of Gun3 stub and Y-chamber, 9AM
* Gun2 vacuum pump disconnects
* More TBD after 9AM

InjSB --
* PSS Upgrade, IN02B{NI, 29, 30} 9a - 4p (Beizer)
* Wien controls work, IN01B03 (Dela Cruz)
* Viewer work, IN03B07 (Norris)
* BPM Work, IN03B{05-08, 23} (Francis)
* CIS Rack Work, IN01B{00-05} (Windham)

Toolbox attended by -- Hofler, Dela Cruz, Bullard,
Hernandez-Garcia, Gould, Norris, Croke, Grames, Cole,
Stutzman, Francis, Adderley, Zhang, Windham, Suleiman

UITF/HDIce: summary day 1 of run2

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Day1 of run2, October 27, 2020
Some rough patches in the beginning, but then things started to click. Beam restored to the elevated beamline viewer ITVM904 at the end of day shift. Yan and Ken will continue pushing things along.

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Day #27, Week 6 Day 2, Wrap-Up:

* Gun Vacuum Work -- Complete 3855763
** Vented Gun3 stub, checking valve seal -- no loss in
downstream pressure. 3855764
** Vented Y-chamber
** Vented Gun2 using double flapper valves
** NEG tube removed from Gun2
** New 10" gun flange with 10kV HV feedthrough for
biasing anode installed to Gun2, replacing previous one.
** Gun2 pumping back down. 3855811. Turbo cart and a
few ion pumps left attached and powered for now.
** Y-chamber and Gun3 stub readied for removal from

Follow-up Re: Gun 2 vacuum work

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After gun vacuum work was successfully completed, we tidied up the area and got almost all disconnects finished. Y chamber and gun 3 stub are ready to move, all cables pulled back. We still have a turbo cart attached and power for a couple ion pumps, so we'll need to coordinate disconnecting these just before installation moves the gun. We'll go over the plan tomorrow morning 9:00 in the tunnel.


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