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SEE SAD Maintenance - IPMnA17 fixed

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IPMnA17 failed Alpha Calibration via bad y and bad x fit which normally indicates a faulty cal oscillator, so I exercised the cal oscillator and the count readbacks were indicative of a faulty cal oscillator (major imbalance in the X and Y counts). I then made access into the West Arc to swap out the Transport RF Module. Before I swapped the RF Module I found that the Super MUX was not indicating the cycling of the passes. So, I went into W4 to see if any of the fuses were blown and sure enough the fuse was blown fro nA17's Super MUX. I replaced the fuse and ran an Alpha Calibration.

BEM daemon was reconfigured

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Log Number: 4153861Logbook(s): Tags: Body: Event/action ID: 1 [(add.type.bpm | del.type.bpm) | (add.type.hcorrector | del.type.hcorrector) | (add.type.vcorrector | del.type.vcorrector) | mod.type.prop.bpm.unpowered | mod.type.prop.hcorrector.unpowered | mod.type.prop.vcorrector.unpowered]
Deployment: ced
Workspace: ops

EESDC Comm Checks

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We started checking the labeling on the comm and digital I/O cables on all our systems. We are checking to see if the to and from locations are correct. Once we check all of our systems, we will go back and fix the labels that need to be corrected. We are also taking inventory of the VME hardware out in the field. Once data is complete, we will make sure we will have adequate amount of spares for the upcoming run. Buildings completed are: SL, W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, NA, INJ, and half of NL.


Gun table moved upstream by 1 inch on new footpads

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The new gun HV chamber is longer by ~ 7/8" than the previous gun HV chamber.
New wider footpads have been fabricated and were installed today.
Neil carefully lifted the table using a pallet jack, then moved it to the side.
Shaun and Dan marked the new locations of thee new footpads, ensuring 1 inch further upstream.
With the new footpads secured to the floor, the table was repositioned, ensuring that the disk footpads where placed under the table feet, and in turn that the table feet were centered on the disks.


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