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COMMENT ON Check and Adjust Current and Voltage readbacks, locally and remotely on all Legacy CPS.

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Log Number: 3863261Logbook(s): Body: 

After further troubleshooting the calibration of the analog read backs for the voltage and current of zone 1L15 was completed. Also the calibration of both the digital and analog voltage and current read backs for zone 1L16 were completed. Further troubleshooting required for calibration of the current overload circuit.

iocse4 restored

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Log Number: 3863247Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.2.1 Target restore date was 2021-01-15 07:33:28 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocse4 system@2021-01-15 07:33 2(2) restored seebpm@2021-01-15 07:33 2641(2641) restored SEE_BURT 61(61) restored Execute: /usr/csite/certified/bin/ced2Epics -ced ced -A -s -i iocse4 (success) Procedure return status: Success

COMMENT ON North Access Meter and PMs

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Log Number: 3863224Logbook(s): Body: 

We have been postponing this work to avoid the possibility of disrupting the ESR; now that they will be shutting down the ESR for several days I would like to take advantage and schedule the North Access outages to coincide with the ESR outage. I have entered this for February 3 and 4.


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Log Number: 3863217Logbook(s): Entry Makers: beneschBody: 

I suspect the problem seen in the linked entry would be corrected if XSOF were set to -2.225 as before 2016. Present value is zero, figure 2. YSOF has been constant for a decade, figure 3.

UITF LLRF testing

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Log Number: 3863213Logbook(s): Body: 

Investigation of low frequency AM instabilities in cav1 and cav2 field:
Found measurable cross-talk between RF testing cables (Super Flexible SLC) . Because we are measuring AM modulations in the range of 0.05% , cross-talk level was enough to corrupt the results.
Cables have been replaced and cavity filed stability measurements show very good results:
AM modulation < 0.03 % RMS
Integrated phase noise < 270 fsec ( integrated between 1Hz-3 MHz)
most prominent mechanical modes at 3.6 Hz, 11 Hz, 22 Hz

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Log Number: 3863212Logbook(s): Body: 

Days #76, Week 15 Days 5, Summary:

*IB-T panel job for chopper amps completed successfully
*Phil/Bubba prepped tunnel for fire pipe install next week, ready to go
*Scott powered Wien racks back up
*Shukui planned to power up laser room hardware again today

*Carlos tested V-Wien opposite polarity +/- 19 kV good, VWien ready for girder when needed
*Viewer cylinder mods delaying A1/A2 girder assembly, ETA ~1 week delay
*Waiting on Thomson rods mods from shop to finish PCUP assembly
*Marcy planned to finalize plan for baking HD and QW coils with Lakshmi

*H-Wien mapping in

COMMENT ON Trim Utility Chassis Upgrade - All CEBAF Trim Racks

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Log Number: 3863211Logbook(s): Body: 

Simon Wood, Jason Delk and I tested (2) more upgraded
Utility Chassis in the UITF trim rack IT07.

The first chassis would turn on and ramp to 25V then trip
off; it happen twice, so Simon and I try the second chassis
and it worked OK. We ran the chassis through all stages of
the test procedure and it pass all stages.

So Jason and I reinstalled the first chassis again, and this
time both bulk power supplies ramp up to 30V.
We ran the chassis through all stages of the test procedure
and it pass all of the stages.

The (2) chassis where place in the machine at E101B11
and E201B11


iocea3 restored

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Log Number: 3863191Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.2.1 Target restore date was 2021-01-15 10:49:55 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocea3 Execute: /cs/opshome/scripts/60_second_wait.sh (success) Please wait 60 seconds for restore... Pause: 60 second(s) vac@2021-01-15 10:49 28(28) restored system@2021-01-15 10:49 2(2) restored Execute: /cs/opshome/scripts/scan_gain_set.sh (success) Old : IPMBSCN Normal New : IPMBSCN Calib Old : IPMBSCN Calib New : IPMBSCN Nor


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