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Beam center in Dump Solenoi

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Log Number: 3853478Logbook(s): Entry Makers: sandorfiBody: 

- IBC main and trans at full field;
- dump solenoid OFF - fig 1 ; X = 296 pix; Y = 188 pix
- dump solenoid at 50 Amps; X = 300 pix; Y = 190 pix - fig 2
- dump solenoid at 100 Amps; X = 305; Y = 188 - fig 3
- dump solenoid at 150 Amps; X = 306; Y = 186 - fig 4
- dump solenoid at 200 Amps; X = 307; Y = 182 - fig 5
- dump solenoid at 250 Amps; X = 306; Y = 178 - fig 6
- dump solenoid at 300 Amps; X = 300; Y = 173 - fig 7
- dump solenoid at 320 Amps; X = 300; Y = 175 - fig 8
- dump solenoid at 340 Amps; X = 299; Y = 175 - fig 9

Note: above about 200 Amps (~ .15 tesla) dump overwhelms

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Log Number: 3853477Logbook(s): Body: 

Completed power down of the PSS in the ISB.
Turned off and locked out all PSS interlocked hazards (Gun HVPS, RF zones).
Investigated disconnection of the Kicker and removal of the PSS Interface chassis. SSG will require assistance from RF group to remove RF chassis.
All chassis are disconnected but not removed. We'll continue on Tuesday morning.

COMMENT ON Injector Upgrade - Phase 1 Installation (Gun to Chopper)

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Log Number: 3853474Logbook(s): Body: 

Day #6, Week2 Day1 Wrap-Up

* Complete [Power down Wein system] 3853422
* Complete [Power down and remove DecaRad system] 3853428
* Complete [Return gun valve config to "normal"] 3853463

* Harp upgrades -- removed old PS, interface chassis, and
pre-amp PS. 3853420
* Chopper amplifier upgrades -- drive line cables cut and
terminated. 3853456

* Extractor gauge energized for Gun2 vacuum monitoring. 3853461
* IN02B10, IN02B11, IN02B26, and IN04B10 powered down,
LTT'ed. 3852429
* Began PSS Interface Chassis Removal. a21330

Gun 2 extractor gauge on

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Log Number: 3853461Logbook(s): Entry Makers: marcyBody: 

15:13 - turned on extractor gauge in gun 2. This will be left on until the gun is vented in order to measure the pressure.
The ion pump rose ~2 orders of magnitude from 7e-10 amps to 7e-8 amps when the filament energized, and is recovering.
The ion pump pressure started in the high 10^-9 Torr range and is falling.

COMMENT ON Magnet work associated with Cryomodule work (1L05-1L07-1L26/TBD)

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Log Number: 3853457Logbook(s): Body: 

Magnet Measurement:

QD1L07 girder magnet disassembly work is completed.

QB1L08 girder magnet work is almost complete, the only
thing that needs to happen is the top of the QB quad has to
be removed, left one bolt in aisle side/upbeam end of quad
finger tight until rigging gear is installed.

We are already working at QD1L06 that girder will be
completed tomorrow.

Our next step in girder/magnet processing after QD1L06 is
completed, will be contact RAD group to get entry details to
be able to work at QD1L05 girder as this region is a posted
Radiation Area.

APPROVED Tunnel Fire Alarm and Suppression Replacement

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Log Number: 3853445Logbook(s): Body: 

FML will provide safety oversight and will coordinate with Operability as work plans and work starts to happen.

There will be long stretches of time and location when the fire system will be unavailable. During these times, FML will provide fire-watch oversight.

JLab will need to follow the subcontractors approved safety plan to traverse or work within the construction boundaries. PPE and communication requirements will be posted at the edges of the construction area.

Task Approved.


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