CEBAF Nomenclature Document (CND)

System Codes

Code Description
C Cryogenics
E End Station
F Fluids
H Hall (Physics)
I Instrumentation
M Magnets (Transport)
N Miscellaneous
O Optics
P Power
S Safety
V Vacuum

Type Codes

System Code Type Code Description Grouping
C FI Flow Indicator INDICATOR
C PI Pressure Indicator INDICATOR
C TC Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge INDICATOR
C VI Voltage Indicator INDICATOR
C CA Cryomodule MISC
C CH Spare A&D Channel MISC
C CT Contamination MISC
C DP Differential Pressure MISC
C DT Differential Temperature MISC
C FC Flow Controller MISC
C FE Flow Element MISC
C HP Compressor Horsepower MISC
C HR Heater Control MISC
C IT Current Transmitter MISC
C LL Liquid Level MISC
C OD Oxygen Level MISC
C PT Expander Pressure Tap MISC
C PW Expander Power Out MISC
C SP Speed Expander / Cold Compressor MISC
C WK Expander Work Out MISC
C DS Differential Pressure Switch SWITCH
C PS Pressure Switch SWITCH
C TS Temperature Switch SWITCH
C TD Diode Thermometer THERMOMETER
C TI Vapor Pressure Thermometer THERMOMETER
C TP Platinum Thermometer THERMOMETER
C TR Carbon Resistor Thermometer THERMOMETER
C CV Check Valve VALVE
C EV Electric Control Valve VALVE
C HV Hydraulic Control Valve VALVE
C MV Manual Valve VALVE
C PV Pneumatic Control Valve VALVE
C RV Relief Valve VALVE
C SV Solenoid Operated Valve VALVE
E TA Polorimeter Target Chamber MISC
F CI Conductivity Indicator INDICATOR
F MI Moisture Indicator INDICATOR
F GM Gas Meter MISC
F S6 SF6 System (FEL Injector) MISC
F WM Water Meter Misc
F WP Water Pump PUMP
F PR Pressure Regulating Valve VALVE
I DA Retractable Beam Stop DUMP
I DL Low Power Beam Dump DUMP
I AC Annihilation Counter MISC
I AR Radiator MISC
I BC Beam Current Monitor MISC
I CM IR FEL Buncher Cavity (08111-E-0001) MISC
I CP Compton Polarimeter MISC
I CS Channel Cesiator MISC
I CV Yao Cavity MISC
I DC IR FEL Beam Dump (07300-0001, 07300-0011, 07400-0005) MISC
I DM Driver Motor MISC
I DP Calibration Puck Insertion Mechanism (Beam Dump) MISC
I DW Diffuser MISC
I EG Extractor Gauge (Torr Gun Vaccuum) MISC
I EL Beam Envelope Limit System (BELS) MISC
I FA Fiber Array MISC
I FY Faraday Cup MISC
I GL Polarized Electron Gun (Laser) MISC
I GT Thermionic Electron Gun MISC
I HA Profile Analyser MISC
I HM Beam Halo Monitor (Hall C G-0 67229-56060) MISC
I IA IR FEL Hapek Device (05140-E-0037) MISC
I IC Ionization Chamber MISC
I LM Loss Monitor MISC
I MS IR FEL Multi-Slit o2.0 Shielded (05122-E-0100) MISC
I OC Optics Controller MISC
I OF Offset Monitor (66850-03959) MISC
I OP Optics Diagnostic MISC
I OR Optical Transmission Radiation Monitor (OTR 58432-0407) MISC
I OS Oscilloscope MISC
I OU Optics Unit MISC
I PA Pico Ammeter (HV Leakage Current) MISC
I PC Photon Collimator MISC
I PD Beam Position Detector (Pavel Degtiarenko) MISC
I PH Photon Harp MISC
I PM Position Monitor MISC
I RH Relative Humidity Sensor MISC
I SC Beam Scrapper MISC
I SD Fast Shutdown MISC
I SL Slit (Aperture) MISC
I SR Synchrotron Radiation Monitor MISC
I TG Target Ladder MISC
I TQ Thermocouple MISC
I TT Thermocouple Temperature Monitor MISC
I TV Beam Viewer MISC
I UN Current Monitor (Klaus Unser) MISC
I WC Wiggler Controller MISC
I WD Wiggler Diagnostic MISC
I WF Wein Filter Instrumentation MISC
M CG Dual Coil Corrector CORRECTOR
M CR Low Remnant Steering Magnet, Radiabeam STM-01-358-110 CORRECTOR DIPOLE
M CI Hall A Corrector Pending Corrector
M AA Dipole 1B38W4/48 22161-E-0001 DIPOLE
M AB Dipole 1B38W4/52 22161-E-0101 DIPOLE
M AC Dipole 1B38W4/60 22161-E-0201 DIPOLE
M AD Dipole (CEBAF 400 mA Corr.) DIPOLE
M AE Dipole 1B38W4/56 22161-E-0401 DIPOLE
M AF Dipole 1B38W4/72 22161-E-0501 DIPOLE
M AG Dipole 1B38W4/52 22161-E-0601 DIPOLE
M AH Dipole 1B38W5/64 22161-E-0701 DIPOLE
M AI Dipole 1B38W5/72 22161-E-0801 DIPOLE
M AJ Dipole (Homemade Coil 400 mA Corr.) DIPOLE
M AK Dipole (U. of Illinois 4 Amp 90 deg.) DIPOLE
M AL Dipole 1B37W5/80 22161-E-1101 DIPOLE
M AM Dipole 1B38W5/96 22161-E-1201 DIPOLE
M AN Dipole 1B38W4/116 22161-E-1301 DIPOLE
M AO Dipole 1B38W4/48 22161-E-1401 DIPOLE
M AP Dipole 21116-E-0001 DIPOLE
M AR Dipole 21117-E-0001 DIPOLE
M AS Dipole 1.9B36W17/84 22161-E-1801 DIPOLE
M AU Dipole 1B77W3/52 22161-E-20001 DIPOLE
M AV Dipole 1B76W3/76 22161-E-2101 DIPOLE
M AW Dipole 1.5B37W11/120 22161-E-2201 DIPOLE
M AX Dipole 1.9B36W17/124 22161-E-2301 DIPOLE
M AY Dipole 1B38W5/52 22161-E-2401 DIPOLE
M AZ Dipole 445 MeV Fast Feedback Corrector DIPOLE
M BA Dipole 1B120W4 DIPOLE
M BB Dipole 1B80W4 22131-E-0001 DIPOLE
M BC Dipole 1B6W2.5 - Arc corrector 21115-E-0001 DIPOLE
M BD Dipole 1.5B6A2.5 Inj. corr. V=2112-E-0001, H=2112-E-0002 DIPOLE
M BE Dipole 1B40W4 (22122-0001) DIPOLE
M BF Dipole 1.5B7W6 - 45 MeV Beam Dump Magnet DIPOLE
M BG Dipole 1B60W4/20 DIPOLE
M BH Dipole Dual function Haimson corrector 1.00 AMP DIPOLE
M BI Dipole 1.5B6A3 (stretched BD for FEL bypass) DIPOLE
M BJ Dipole 1B120W3.5/40 - BSY Dump Magnet (22153-0001) DIPOLE
M BK Dipole 1.5B6A2.5 - Saddle Coil Corrector DIPOLE
M BL Dipole 1.5B12W2.5 - Chicane Corrector 24121-E-0001 DIPOLE
M BM Dipole 2B6A2.5 - Ext corrector 21114-E-0001 DIPOLE
M BN Dipole 1B40W4/46 DIPOLE
M BO Dipole 500 keV Spectrometer DIPOLE
M BP Dipole 1B80W4/26 DIPOLE
M BQ Dipole 1B40W4/26 DIPOLE
M BR Dipole 1B80W5 22751-D-0001 DIPOLE
M BS Dipole 1.5B6W25L- Red fld corr V=21112-E-0101, H=21112-E-0102 DIPOLE
M BT Dipole 2B6 - Linac corrector 2113-D-0001 DIPOLE
M BU Dipole Unpolarized Injector 90deg.-1.50AMP(CEBAF) DIPOLE
M BV Dipole (5 MeV Spectrometer) DIPOLE
M BW Dipole 1B18W5/40 22161-D-2601 DIPOLE
M BX Dipole 1.5B37W11/60 22161-E-2701 DIPOLE
M BY Dipole 1B38W5/40 22161-E-2801 DIPOLE
M BZ Dipole 1.5B76W11/60 22161-E-2901 DIPOLE
M CC Dipole (Hall C Polarimeter) DIPOLE
M CD Dipole (Hall C Polarized Target Solenoid) DIPOLE
M CF Dipole (Hall A RCS; Tapered Gap; 20 cm. length) DIPOLE
M CM Pending Dipole (Lakshmi) DIPOLE
M CV Dipole (12GeV 11.5 pole 60 turn MAG0030015-0001) DIPOLE
M CW Dipole (12GeV 5 pole 60 turn MAG0030013-0001) DIPOLE
M CX Dipole (12Gev H. 11.5 pole 60 turn MAG0030014-0001) DIPOLE
M DG IRFEL H Phase Trim Dipole, 2h x 6w (in.) Chamber, FEL 07142-E-0001 DIPOLE
M DI Dipole (IRFEL Double BM. Drawing 07138-E-0001) DIPOLE
M DM 15 deg. Injector Dipole DIPOLE
M DQ IRFEL Reverse Bend Dipole.Drawing 07137-E-0001 DIPOLE
M DS Dipole (Polarized source, 15 degree bend) DIPOLE
M DT Dipole (Injector, 3D Line) DIPOLE
M DU Dipole (IRFEL Short Injection. Drawing 07131-E-0001) DIPOLE
M DV Dipole (IRFEL Long Injection. Drawing 07132-E-0001) DIPOLE
M DW Dipole (IRFEL Optical Cavity. Drawing 07133-E-0001) DIPOLE
M DX Dipole (IRFEL Reverse Bend. Drawing 07134-E-0001) DIPOLE
M DY Dipole (IRFEL 180 Degree Bend. Drawing 07135-E-0001) DIPOLE
M FD Dipole (5 MeV Mott) DIPOLE
M GQ IR FEL, Dipole 3.33 Gap, 30 deg. face angle (MAG0030001-0000) DIPOLE
M GR IR FEL, Dipole 3.33 Gap, mini Optical chicane (MAG0030005-0000) DIPOLE
M GU IR FEL, Dipole 3.00 Gap, parallel face (MAG0030006-0000) DIPOLE
M GV IR FEL, Dipole 3.00 Gap, 0 deg. face angle (MAG0030007-0000) DIPOLE
M GW IR FEL, Dipole 3.31 Gap, 10 deg ent angle 20 deg bend (MAG0030002-0000) DIPOLE
M GX IR FEL, Dipole 3.33 Gap, 30 deg face angle (MAG0030003-0000) DIPOLE
M HC Air-core dipole corrector for 30 Hz System DIPOLE
M IM Air Core dipole, 25 turns, injector, dwg 21123-D-001 DIPOLE
M JA Dipole, 3 Meter, 1.001in Gap (MAG-003-0012-0101) DIPOLE
M JB Dipole, 3 Meter, 1.001in Gap (MAG-003-0012-0201) DIPOLE
M JC Dipole, 2 Meter, 1.001in Gap (MAG-003-0012-0301) DIPOLE
M MA Dipole (Line A Moeller; Los Alamos; 500 Amp) DIPOLE
M PC PEPPo Dipole Sectrometer Magnet DIPOLE
M RA Dipole (Fast Raster, 1.5R8.66W1.5/25200) DIPOLE
M RC Dipole (Slow Raster, 1.5R15.75W6.5/400) DIPOLE
M SP Hall C Splitter Dipole (HNSS Experiment) DIPOLE
M XA Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0101) DIPOLE
M XB Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0201) DIPOLE
M XC Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0301) DIPOLE
M XD Dipole, 1 Meter, (MAG-003-0010-0401) DIPOLE
M XE Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0501) DIPOLE
M XF Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0601) DIPOLE
M XG Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0701) DIPOLE
M XH Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0801) DIPOLE
M XI Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-0901) DIPOLE
M XJ Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1001) DIPOLE
M XK Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1101) DIPOLE
M XL Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1201) DIPOLE
M XM Dipole, 2 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1301) DIPOLE
M XN Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1401) DIPOLE
M XO Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1501) DIPOLE
M XP Dipole, 4 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1601) DIPOLE
M XQ Dipole (was AQ; MAG0030010-2701) DIPOLE
M XR Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1801) DIPOLE
M XS Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-1901) DIPOLE
M XT Dipole, 1 Meter (MAG-003-0010-2001) DIPOLE
M XU Dipole, 2.5 Meter (MAG-003-0010-2101) DIPOLE
M XV Dipole, 3 Meter (MAG-003-0010-2201) DIPOLE
M XW Dipole, 1 Meter, (MAG-003-0010-2301) DIPOLE
M XX Dipole, 2 Meter, 1.060in Gap (MAG-003-0010-2401) DIPOLE
M XY Dipole, 1 Meter, 1.160in Gap (MAG-003-0010-2501) DIPOLE
M XZ Dipole, 1 Meter, 1.100in Gap (MAG-003-0010-2601) DIPOLE
M ZA SEPTA, 3 Meter, 1.050in Gap (MAG-003-0011-0001) DIPOLE
M FQ Focusing lens (polarized source) LENS
M FR Half focusing lens (polarized source) LENS
M AT CEBAF Injector/Linac Air-Core Corrector MISC
M CJ 12" long air core magnet on 2" pipe @ 496.6 G-cm/Amp MISC
M CK 12" long air core magnet on 1" pipe @ 783.4 G-cm/Amp MISC
M CL 12" long air core magnet on 1" pipe @ 783.4 G-cm/Amp MISC
M CP Compton Polarimeter MISC
M DB IRFEL Air Core Core. Hor. Corr. 4.925" ID, 8.5" long 07145-E-0001 MISC
M DC IRFEL V Corrector for 2h x 8w (in.) Chamber, FEL 07144-E-0001 MISC
M DD Drift space (reserved for optics codes) MISC
M DF IRFEL H Corrector for 2h x 8w (in.) Chamber, FEL 07143-E-0001 MISC
M DH IRFEL Air Core. Hor. or Vert. Corr. 4.510" ID, 8.5" long 07141-E-0001 MISC
M DJ IRFEL Air Core. Vert. Corr. 5.479" ID, 8.9" long 07146-E-0001 MISC
M DK 1-1/16 gap 4x4 pole 5" eff lgth, r51 in. bend MAG0030009-0000 MISC
M DN Corrector Magnet 3" X 12". 21112-E-0201 MISC
M DZ Modified BZ - 4.5in gap,2m lg,10.504 wide 22161-3001 MISC
M EC Injector 10 turn, 14 gaug, 380cm X 30cm Air Core MISC
M ED Injector 10 turn, Air Core between Choppers MISC
M EE Injector 10 turn, Air Core, Chopper to Qtr Cyro MISC
M EW FEL DW with 3.3 gap MISC
M FK Injector Kicker,4coil,36 turns ea.,2 wire 18 turns/coil MISC
M FS 5 MeV Mott solenoid MISC
M GA IR FEL,Corrector Vertical 7.50 gap (07111-0009) MISC
M GB IR FEL,Air Core Corrector, 300Gcm MISC
M GC IR FEL,Corrector SF Vertical (MAG0020001-0000) MISC
M GD IR FEL,Corrector Dispersion Vertical MISC
M GF IR FEL,Corrector GQ Horizontal (MAG0020005-0000) MISC
M GG IR FEL, Corrector Length (MAG0020010-0000) MISC
M GH IR REL, Trim Corrector Horizontal for GQ MISC
M GS IR FEL, Dispersion Magnet (MAG070001-0000) MISC
M GY IR FEL, Dipole 2.365 Gap, 180 deg bend (MAG0030004-0000) MISC
M GZ IR FEL,Air Core Corrector,Horiz.2.75 gap 07142-0003 MISC
M HB 1.5 in. ID Haimson corrector MISC
M HD Air core corrector for A1 MISC
M HE Injector Helicity Air Core Corrector - Litz Wire MISC
M HH Air Core Corr. 191g cm/A dwg 07140-0201 MISC
M KR Hall C Moeller Kicker, 5.5" lg,12 turn litz wire MISC
M LA Lambertson 22440-E-0001 MISC
M PA Generic Steering Coil Magnet (Horiz. & Vert.) MISC
M PD PEPPo Capture Solenoid Magnet) MISC
M PS Pair Spectrometer - Hall B MISC
M PT PEPPo Diagnostic Solenoid Magnet MISC
M QS Air Core Corrector, 20 turns,5.0 Amp, dwg 22126-0002 MISC
M QV 40% tap on QA - 1.125 bore, 12.0 inch long MISC
M QW Air Core for Wein Filter, 4-50 turn coils MISC
M QZ (old FEL QS) 5.18 ctr,50 turns/coil, 16g/A MISC
M RG Hall C GEN Raster Magnet-400 Ampere turns, .57 ohm MISC
M RJ Dump Raster, Hall C, Alum. Wire, 6"Dx21"L, 80 total turns MISC
M RK Line C 8.0in Kicker, 12 Turns Litz Wire MISC
M SE 60Hz Raster/3phase motor 252/365g cm/A dwg 07111-0021 MISC
M SG Modified SC dble (MAG0060006-0001) MISC
M SN Hall C ENGE Splitpole Magnet (HNSS Experiment) MISC
M SX Air Core Corr. 4.83g cm/4A 50 turns dwg 07140-0221 MISC
M TE IR FEL Trim for WE, 2.8micron MAG0070004-0040 MISC
M VH Bidirectional corrector MISC
M VT Air Core Corr. 85g cm/A 100 turns 07140-023 MISC
M WA IRFEL 40 Period Wiggler MISC
M WB IR FEL, 10 KW Wiggler (MAG0070002-0000) Northup Grumman Sk-500-B1-5A MISC
M WE IR FEL, 2.8micron EM 10KW Wiggler MAG0070004-1000 MISC
M WF Wien Filter MISC
M WI Wiggler MISC
M WT IR FEL, Trim Corrector WB MISC
M OT IR FEL, Octupole (MAG0080001-0000) OCTUPOLE
M CE Jay Dipole Pending (DIPOLE)
M CZ QD Panofsky quad wired as H/V corrector pair QUADRUPOLE
M QA Quadrupole 1Q12W 22232-E-0001 QUADRUPOLE
M QB Quadrupole 2Q6WS 21122-E-0001 QUADRUPOLE
M QC Quadrupole 2Q12W 22253-E-0001 QUADRUPOLE
M QD Quadrupole 1.5Q6WC 24212-E-0001 QUADRUPOLE
M QE Quadrupole (10Q36 Argonne) QUADRUPOLE
M QF Quadrupole (Los Alamos) QUADRUPOLE
M QG Quadrupole (IRFEL 2.12 in. bore, 6 in long, sparse lamination. Drawing 07121) QUADRUPOLE
M QH Quadrupole (IRFEL 2.12x7.5 in. bore, 6 in. long, Panofsky Trim) QUADRUPOLE
M QI Quadrupole (IRFEL Panofsky, 4 in. bore, 6 in. long. dwg 07124-E-0001) QUADRUPOLE
M QJ Quadrupole 1.5Q3W 24212-E-0101 QUADRUPOLE
M QL 15 cm long QB with 20-Amp power supply QUADRUPOLE
M QM Quadrupole (1 kw, Hall A, 14 inch square) QUADRUPOLE
M QN 30 cm long QC with a 20-Amp power supply QUADRUPOLE
M QO Quadrupole (1 kw, Hall A, 21 inch square) QUADRUPOLE
M QP Quadrupole (1.625 bore, 12 inch long MAG0050016-0001) QUADRUPOLE
M QR Quadrupole (1.125 bore, 18 inch long MAG0050016-0001) QUADRUPOLE
M QT Quadrupole (IR FEL; Panofsky (trim) 6.0 long, 3.0 bore MAG0050010-0000) QUADRUPOLE
M QU Wien Filter Quad QUADRUPOLE
M QX Quadrupole (IR FEL, o3.0 bore, 6.0 lg MAG0050001-0000) QUADRUPOLE
M SQ Quadrupole ACC-45o, IR FEL 45o Air Core Skew 48g/A 2coils 100 turns ea. QUADRUPOLE
M ST Skew Quadrupole, 12.41 cm lg, 30 turns, 10 amp. (JL0108096-0000) QUADRUPOLE
M SU Quadrupole IR FEL Air Core Skew, 32.5 g/A (old SQ) MAG0050012-0002 QUADRUPOLE
M YA Septum 1Y40W02 22421-E-0001 SEPTUM
M YB Septum 1Y40W25 22431-E-0001 SEPTUM
M YR Septum 1Y80W25 22441-E-0001 SEPTUM
M SA Sextupole 1S6 22312-E-0001 SEXTUPOLE
M SB Sextupole 2S6 22312-E-0101 SEXTUPOLE
M SC Sextupole IRFEL Drawing 07122-E-0001 SEXTUPOLE
M SF Sextupole (IR FEL, MAG0060001-0000) SEXTUPOLE
M CS PEPPo Analyzing Solenoid SOLENOID
M FA Focusing lens (solenoid) 1.5 Amp CEBAF SOLENOID
M FB Focusing lens (solenoid) 3.0 Amp (U. of Illinois) SOLENOID
M FF Injector Test Stand Solenoid. Drawing 09120-E-0001 SOLENOID
M FG Chopper (8 cm bore) Injector Test Stand Solenoid. Drawing 09121-E-000 SOLENOID
M FH Focusing lens (solenoid), 2.5" bore bakeable SOLENOID
M FJ Focusing Lens (solenoid),9.7"Lg, 1040 Turns, Injector SOLENOID
M FL Focusing Lens (solenoid), injector SOLENOID
M FP Focusing Lens (solenoid), injector SOLENOID
M LD Cathode Solenoid Magnet SOLENOID
N CI Conductivity Indicator INDICATOR
N MI Moisture Indicator INDICATOR
N WP Water Pump PUMP
O KM Kinematically Mounted Mirror MIRROR
O MC Cassette Mirror MIRROR
O MG Cavity Mirror, Gimbal Mount MIRROR
O MX Transport Mirror MIRROR
O TM Turning Mirror MIRROR
O XM IR FEL, Insertable Mirror MIRROR
O LC Laser Collimator MISC
O LT Laser Terminator - Diagnostic Laser Beam Dump MISC
O MM Mirror Metrology, Optical Cavity Mirror Metro Sys (OCMMS) MISC
O NF Optical Attenuation Filter MISC
O PC Picomotor MISC
O PL Pulse Selector (Pockels Cell) MISC
O PO Optical Power MISC
O SM Optical Spectrometer MISC
O UV IR FEL, Ultra Viewer MISC
O LP IR FEL, Laser Positioning Monitor (DIA0010300-0000) MONITOR
O LZ Laser Length in Z, Cavity Length Monitor MONITOR
P AL Alignment System, Laser Straightness MISC
P AR Alignment System, Rotary Encoder MISC
P BI Bogie Drive Inner Enclosure MISC
P BM Bogie Drive Middle Enclosure MISC
P BO Bogie Drive Outer Enclosure MISC
P CB Control Crate, Bogie Drive System MISC
P CP Control Crate, Position Control MISC
P DI Superconducting Dipole Magnet (Wang) MISC
P EM Electric Meter MISC
P HP Horizontal Positioning System MISC
P Q1 Quadrupole Q1 MISC
P Q2 Quadrupole Q2 MISC
P Q3 Quadrupole Q3, Laser Straightness MISC
P RD Dump Raster Magnet MISC
P RR Raster Driver MISC
P RT Target Raster Magnet MISC
P TC Target, Scattering Chamber MISC
P VP Vertical Positioning System MISC
P WF Wein Filter Power Supply MISC
R CA Cryomodule MISC
R DE Arc Detector MISC
R DR Tuner Drive MISC
R FP Field Probe MISC
R HO High Order Mode (remove excess RF) MISC
R HR Heater MISC
R IA RF Injector Acc. Capture Cavity (0I06 MISC
R IB RF Injector Buncher (0I05 region) MISC
R IH RF Injector Choppers (Qty2 0I03 & 0I04) MISC
R IN RF Injector Pre-Buncher(1I06, added 4/97) MISC
R IR Infrared Detector MISC
R LS Limit Switch MISC
R MT Magnetostrictive Tuner MISC
R PZ Piezos Step Motor Control MISC
R RF R/F/Separator (2E region) MISC
R S1 Single module RF separator MISC
R S2 Double module RF separator MISC
R S3 Triple module RF separator MISC
S HN Intercom Horn HORN
S OH ODH Warning Horn HORN
S RH Radiation Warning Horn HORN
S OL ODH Warning Light LIGHT
S RL Radiation Warning Light LIGHT
S CB Intercom Call-In Station MISC
S DL Low Power Beam Dump MISC
S IC Ion Chamber (Slow Beam Loss) MISC
S ID Card Reader MISC
S IW Insertable Diffuser Window MISC
S KB Key Exchange Box MISC
S LD Beam Loss Detector MISC
S MD Message Display MISC
S PN Card Reader Local Control Panel MISC
S RS Run/Safe Box MISC
S SK Intercom Speaker MISC
S TL Telephone MISC
S BC Beam Current Monitor MONITOR
S RB Boundary Radiation Monitor MONITOR
S RM Area Radiation Monitor MONITOR
V CG Cold Cathode Gauge INDICATOR
V TC Thermocouple Vacuum Gauge INDICATOR
V TG Trigger Gauge INDICATOR
V DP Differential Pressure MISC
V EP Electrostatic Precipitator MISC
V CP Cryo Pump PUMP
V GI Getter/Ion Pump PUMP
V GP Getter Pump PUMP
V IP Ion Pump PUMP
V MP Mechanical Pump PUMP
V RP Roughing Pump PUMP
V TP Turbo Pump (modified from VTB) PUMP
V BV Slow Vacuum Valve - Automatic VALVE
V FV Fast Vacuum Valve - Automatic VALVE
V MV Manual Valve VALVE
V RV Roughing Valve VALVE
V VV General Vacuum Valve - Automatic VALVE

Sector Codes

Code Description Grouping
1A First Arc ARC
2A Second Arc ARC
3A Third Arc ARC
4A Fourth Arc ARC
5A Fifth Arc ARC
6A Sixth Arc ARC
7A Seventh Arc ARC
8A Eighth Arc ARC
9A Ninth Arc ARC
EA East Arc ARC
WA West Arc ARC
00 Compressor - System Control CHL
01 Compressor 1 CHL
02 Compressor 2 CHL
03 Compressor 3 CHL
04 Compressor 4 CHL
05 Compressor 5 CHL
06 Compressor 6 CHL
08 Compressor - Purifier System CHL
09 Compressor - Guard Vacuum System CHL
11 Refrigerator - High Pressure Stream CHL
12 Refrigerator - Medium Pressure Stream CHL
13 Refrigerator - Low Pressure Stream CHL
14 Refrigerator - Cold Compressor Stream CHL
15 Nitrogen System CHL
16 LHe Dewar, TL and Pump CHL
17 Oil System CHL
18 Nitrogen System CHL
19 Vacuum System CHL
20 CTF System Control CHL
21 CTF Compressor 1 CHL
22 CTF Compressor 2 CHL
23 CTF Compressor 3 CHL
24 CTF Cold Box 1 and He Distribution CHL
25 CTF Cold Box 2 CHL
26 CTF Cold Box 3 CHL
27 CTF R & D CHL
28 CTF Purifier System and N2 System CHL
29 CTF Vacuum System CHL
43 North Linac CHL Expansion Boxes CHL
44 Supply and Return Headers CHL
53 South Linac CHL Expansion Boxes CHL
60 ESR System Control and Gas Return CHL
61 ESR Compressor 1 CHL
62 ESR Compressor 2 CHL
63 ESR Compressor 3 CHL
64 ESR Compressor 4 CHL
66 ESR Refrigerator CHL
67 ESR Valve Box CHL
68 ESR Purifier CHL
69 ESR Vacuum System CHL
D1 Hall A Dump DUMP
D2 Hall B Dump DUMP
D3 Hall C Dump DUMP
D4 Hall D Dump DUMP
1E First Extractor EXTRACTOR
2E Second Extractor EXTRACTOR
3E Third Extractor EXTRACTOR
4E Fourth Extractor EXTRACTOR
5E Fifth Extractor EXTRACTOR
6E Sixth Extractor EXTRACTOR
7E Seventh Extractor EXTRACTOR
8E Eighth Extractor EXTRACTOR
9E Ninth Extractor EXTRACTOR
1H Hall A HALL
2H Hall B HALL
3H Hall C HALL
1P Compton Polarimeter Line in Hall A Stub Tunnel HALLA
70 Hall A Gas Return HALLA
71 Hall A Spectrometer; Electron Arm HALLA
72 Hall A Spectrometer; Hadron Arm HALLA
74 Hall A Target HALLA
75 Hall A Transfer Line HALLA
80 Hall B Gas Return HALLB
82 Hall B Polarized Target HALLB
85 Hall B TL HALLB
TD Hall B Tagger Dump Line HALLB
3P Compton Polarimeter Line in Hall C Stub Tunnel HALLC
90 Hall C Gas Return HALLC
91 Hall C Spectrometer 1 HALLC
92 Hall C Spectrometer 2 HALLC
93 Hall C Spectrometer 3 HALLC
95 Hall C TL HALLC
9D Hall C Dump Line HALLC
T3 Hall C Target HALLC
0I Unpolarized Injector INJECTOR
0L Injector INJECTOR
1I Polarized Injector INJECTOR
0F IRFEL Injector (Test Stand) LERF
0G IRFEL Injector Dump LERF
0V FEL Drive Laser LERF
1G IRFEL Extraction Dump and Chicane LERF
1V IRFEL Optical Cavity / Transport / Control Room / Labs LERF
2F FEL First Reverse Bend LERF
2G FEL Straight Ahead Dump LERF
2V UV FEL Optical Cavity / Transport / Control Room / Labs LERF
3F FEL Backleg LERF
3V FEL Tera Hz Experiment LERF
4F FEL Optical Cavity (Wiggler) LERF
4V FEL X-Ray Experiment LERF
54 FEL TL CHL Bayonet Can LERF
55 FEL TL Expansion Can LERF
56 FEL TL East End LERF
5F FEL Second Reverse Bend LERF
5V FEL Helios Experiment LERF
6V FEL Experiment TBD LERF
7V FEL Experiment TBD LERF
8V FEL Experiment TBD LERF
9V FEL Experiment TBD LERF
OC FEL Optical Cavity LERF
OT FEL Optical Transport (Includes Drive Laser) LERF
1L North Linac (First Pass) LINAC
2L South Linac (First Pass) LINAC
3L North Linac (Second Pass) LINAC
4L South Linac (Second Pass) LINAC
5L North Linac (Third Pass) LINAC
6L South Linac (Third Pass) LINAC
7L North Linac (Fourth Pass) LINAC
8L South Linac (Fourth Pass) LINAC
9L North Linac (Fifth Pass) LINAC
3M Moller Polarimeter, Line 3C MISC
6D Dump Beam Line at 142 Degree in East Arc MISC
7D Energy Recovery Line MISC
8D Dump Beam Line at End of Injection Chicane at 0R07 MISC
AD Hall D Tagger Dump Line MISC
EO Spectrometer Beam Line in the 500 KeV Section MISC
ER Energy Recovery Quarter and Half Chicane MISC
NS Dump Beam Line in North Stub MISC
PD Polarized Dump Line MISC
RB Recirculation in Pre-Accelerator MISC
RC Recirculation Chicane in the Pre-Accelerator MISC
SD Fast Shutdown System MISC
0R Recombiner Between Pre-Accelerator and North Linac RECOMBINER
1R First Recombiner RECOMBINER
2R Second Recombiner RECOMBINER
3R Third Recombiner RECOMBINER
4R Fourth Recombiner RECOMBINER
5R Fifth Recombiner RECOMBINER
6R Sixth Recombiner RECOMBINER
7R Seventh Recombiner RECOMBINER
8R Eighth Recombiner RECOMBINER
9R Ninth Recombiner RECOMBINER
1D 500 KeV Spectrometer Dump Line SPECTROMETER
2D 5 MeV Spectrometer Dump Line SPECTROMETER
3D 5 MeV Mott Polarimeter Dump Line SPECTROMETER
4D 45 MeV Spectrometer Dump Line SPECTROMETER
5D Bubble Chamber Dump Line (Was 1L26 Spectrometer) SPECTROMETER
1S First Spreader SPREADER
2S Second Spreader SPREADER
3S Third Spreader SPREADER
4S Fourth Spreader SPREADER
5S Fifth Spreader SPREADER
6S Sixth Spreader SPREADER
7S Seventh Spreader SPREADER
8S Eighth Spreader SPREADER
9S Ninth Spreader SPREADER
41 Tee Area of North Linac TL TESTLAB
51 Tee Area of South Linac TL TESTLAB
65 End Station TL TESTLAB
1C Channel (Beam Transport Line) to End Station A TRANSPORT
2C Channel (Beam Transport Line) to End Station B TRANSPORT
2T Transport Channel Two TRANSPORT
3C Channel (Beam Transport Line) to End Station C TRANSPORT
4C Channel (Beam Transport Line) to Beam Dump in BSY Stub TRANSPORT
4T Transport Channel Four TRANSPORT
6T Transport Channel Six TRANSPORT
8T Transport Channel Eight TRANSPORT
AS Transport Channel Dipole Bridge to Transport Channel Ten TRANSPORT
AT Transport Channel Ten TRANSPORT
K1 UITF KeV Beamline Section 1 UITF