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COMMENT ON PM Task List For 10 Amp Trim System

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Installed completed VVU's after bulb replacement back into the following trim racks.
E501B11, E501B12, E501B13, E410B11, SA01B06, SA01B07, SA01B10, and SA01B11

Removed VVU from the following trim racks for bulbs replacement SV01B21, SV01B25, SL01B01,SL01B02, SL01B03 REMOVED UNITS TAKEN TO fab SHOP FOR REPAIRS.

C.Humphry , M. Lester

VFV1L10 that was removed during maintenance, Jumper to allow Beam Permit Installed

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Fast Valve VFV1L10 was removed during maintenance. A Jumper to allow Beam Permit was Installed in the Vacuum Rack located @ 1L11B10 Plug P60 Jumpered from pin A to pin C.

This allowed Beam permit for the chassis. All SRF Beamline Vacuum Valves are open and ready for both the North and South Linac.

SRF Vacuum System Ready for Beam !

Debating if this needs an ABIL tag or not.
Posing the question to System Owner Jim Kortze.

fluctuation on B laser

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It seems B laser was going through some fluctuation starting around 10am on Sunday 11/17/2019 and got worse btw noon and 4pm on Thursday 11/19/2019. It dose not really correlate with the seed. It's getting much quiter now, will keep watching. I also explained to Yan who said will also pay attention to it. Don't see anything similar on other lasers.

1L09-6 CWWT nom adjusted

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IR detector replaced by SRF. Ceramic window with standard 40% warm/30% fault. Old nominal voltage at 5.12V... new nominal voltage appears to be 1.64V.

RF Module Downloads

Log Number: 3742786Logbook(s): Body: COMMENTS: Updating CWWT nom from 5.12 to 1.64V

The following module files were successfully downloaded

WArc tunnel temperature comparison with last high energy run

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Tunnel thermal equilibrium = pathlength stability

The WArc tunnel temperatures are about 2*C low from the last time we ran the machine at a high energy. Not surprising as the heat source (magnet / LCW) has not been fully loaded.

We should be able to reach stable temperatures about 3 days after the magnets are ramped up and left on.

Graphs show the WArc from the last high energy run (top) and the present conditions (bottom)
Vertical scale (temperature in C) the same.
Horizontal divisions are in months.

(EArc is similar)