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COMPLETED insepect clean PSS comm. cables for system B in E2 and SA

Log Number: 3589451Logbook(s): Body: 

Inspected and cleaned connectors in both E2 and SA for
system B. Found one 90deg. adapter with "bad" pin in SA.
Replaced 90deg. adapters in E2 and SA. From 12 - 4:30 there
where no comm. drops in either location. Will continue to
monitor. Task complete

RF vs. NL vapor pressure bump

Log Number: 3589447Logbook(s): Entry Makers: jwilsonBody: 

RF transits in NL cause vapor pressure bumps, where cold compressor - heater controls must response

70 MHz Real Time Measurement

Log Number: 3589435Logbook(s): Entry Makers: plawskiBody: 

We are using the 70 MHz signal in 2L24-6 to monitor the reference in an attempt to find the cause of the SL C100 trips. Please do not try and recover this cavity.

Box Supplies Were Turned on at Setpoint 1

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The following box supplies were TURNED ON AT SET POINT 1 by version 1-57 of the Box Supply Cycling Script:
ARC1A Ramp Rate = 8.070 A/s
ARC3A Ramp Rate = 9.485 A/s
ARC4A Ramp Rate = 10.585 A/s
ARC6A Ramp Rate = 9.000 A/s
ARC7A Ramp Rate = 9.906 A/s
ARC8A Ramp Rate = 11.859 A/s
ARC9A Ramp Rate = 8.969 A/s
ARCAA Ramp Rate = 12.158 A/s
BSYBD Ramp Rate = 5.444 A/s
DOG1E Ramp Rate = 4.088 A/s
DOG2E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG3E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG4E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG5E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG6E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG7E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG8E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s
DOG9E Ramp Rate = 0 A/s

The following cavities have been bypassed: 1L08-2

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The following cavities have been bypassed:
Username: moser
Date/Time: 08-20-18_16:19:53
RF Status: Bad
Tuner Status: Good
Comment: Bypassed - stepped off +100k - filaments low, klystron body current faults
Special Instructions:

Operator SIGN IN

Log Number: 3589432Logbook(s): Body:  ACCELERATOR OPERATOR SIGN IN FORM OPERATOR:    Turner
DATE:             08/20/2018
SHIFT:               Swing

This stamp certifies that the above operator has read/reviewed/received the following:

2L07 Cryo/temp status

Log Number: 3589431Logbook(s): Entry Makers: freybergBody: 

Liquid level (CLL2L0750) hovering around 20%, VIP2L0750 holding steady at 2.1e-9. Should be able to support beam operations overnight.