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EPICS Wave signal doesn't match Mya Plot

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I was viewing VIP2L251 on EPICS Wave, and the archived signal did not look believable. I loaded Mya Plot for the same time frame, and found that the two tools displayed the same PV differently. The Mya Plot readback is the believable signal.
Fig 1 is the Mya Plot, and Fig 2 is the Epics Wave plot over the same time period.

HCO For Current Run -- All Good

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Only showing items Checked and Not Ready.

Appropriate to mask out MXSEP4T, MXSEP6T, and MYA8T01?

Checking 2T line for scraping

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2T line looks good. Other beams were on which is why extraction region looks a bit funky. 2T09A is reading high vertically to get beam through lambertson at 1C00.

Follow-up Re: VIP2L251 Faulted Off

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Upon inspection in the field, the power supply was faulted off with a voltage control error. This nearly always indicates a faulty output voltage card in the power supply. I replaced it with a spare and got the cavity back up and running.