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APPROVED Replace gauge: no N2 Flow to Hall C Dump

Log Number: 3747569Logbook(s): Body: 

N2 generator is under the control of Facilities.
If isolation valves are not available, check with FML.

Also, be sure you talk with Keith Welch before interrupting flow to the dump as they are interested in all things dump purging.

Hall A switch eosasw1 dead

Log Number: 3747548Logbook(s): Entry Makers: cuffeBody: 

Got called by OPS about all Hall A IOCs being down. After discovering eosasw1 was hard down, I came in to troubleshoot the hardware. The switch, which is located in the Labrynth, I found it was completely failed. Am pulling a spare and configuring it now for installation. Brad is on his way to lead the replacement but I will start it now.

Follow-up Re: A bunch of xA iocs are unresolved

Log Number: 3747538Logbook(s): Entry Makers: friersonBody: 

Sys Admin called in to report that cause behind the lost iocs are a couple of downed (hard) network switches that needed to be power cycled. One of those switches is located in the labyrinth. While Sys Admin was on the way in, it was suggested someone could go into the labyrinth to reset one of the two switches. That was done and CEBAF is now able to send CW beam back to xB/xD. Due iocs still being unresolved in xA, they will not receive beam until the switch (located in hall counting house) is power cycled.

QE Measurement

Log Number: 3747536Logbook(s): Body: Spot Location: (13250.0,11500.0), Charge: 4.0320219999999996

Laser Wavelength Atten Setting Laser Power Current HV PS Current QE PV Updated? Update Time/Reason Not Updated (nm) (W) (uA)</cente

Operator SIGN IN

Log Number: 3747519Logbook(s): Body:  ACCELERATOR OPERATOR SIGN IN FORM OPERATOR:    Frierson
DATE:             12/06/2019
SHIFT:               Owl

The operator has read the following:
  • ELOG
  • PD Shift Plan
  • Radiation Surveys for PSS Segments in Controlled Access
  • PSS Log

A bunch of xA iocs are indeterminate

Log Number: 3747515Logbook(s): Entry Makers: friersonBody: 

Just happily running beam and all of a sudden, a whole lot of iocs lost comms. This has prevented CEBAF sending to the rest of the halls.