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Injector work: restore settings for high current running for 2 halls

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Hall C has decided against doing a Moller.

In anticipation of the Moller run, earlier today, after setting the Wien and optimizing the Injector for two beam operation (for Halls B and C), Yan re-optimized the Injector to support three beam operations, adding beam from A laser to serve as a shadow beam during the measurement. The three beam set up is less optimal for high current running for Halls B and C, so we have reloaded the optimized two beam operations settings.

Fig. 1 40 uA CW beam from C laser to ILD
Fig. 2 100 nA CW beam from B laser to FC2

Changed the HC IA setting from 61000 to 48150 at 18:13

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Looking at the first production beam currents in parity runs 13732-13733 (15:50-17:50), the Hall C charge asymmetry was leveling off at about -2500 ppm.

At 18:13, after about 23 minutes of run 13734, I changed the Hall C IA setting from 61000 to 48150, which ought to bring the asymmetry close to zero. Unfortunately, this change was just after the beam stopped to reconfigure the machine for high current beam without witness beam ( so we can't check the new asymmetry yet.

Autolog restore

Log Number: 4230313Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl06
Data from: /usr/opdata/burt/allsnap/12-05-23_11:01:18
Restored file: /tmp/12-05-23_18:16:22.snap

Autolog save

Log Number: 4230312Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl06

Saved: hofler 12-05-23 18:16:08 {A:3 B:5 C:4 E:1047 A=BS B=BS C=BS D=BS 0R08=0.00 0R08 dump in. Autosave prior to restore.

Hall C changing to LD2 Target

Log Number: 4230307Logbook(s): Entry Makers: anthonyBody: 

At this time we cannot send high current to the LH2 target in Hall C due to the configuration of the Injector. Hall C decided to shift to the LD2 target and run at lower current.

iCalibrate: Hall C

Log Number: 4230298Logbook(s): Body: Calibration ParametersHall:CTarget: LD2 10cmPass: 4Note: HMS: 17, SHMS: -29Calibrated On:2023-Nov-17 16:39Calibrated By: mmerzFile:C-2023-11-17_1639_LD2_Pass-4.hcdIon ChamberExisting Setpoing (rads/hr)New Setpoint (rads/hr)Compton3

Scan of harp_tagger

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5 nA, harp tagger scan after horizontal beam squeezing, X looks better, 45 looks worse.

Autolog save

Log Number: 4230288Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl05

Saved: eforman 12-05-23 17:22:31 {A:3 B:5 C:4 E:1047 A=BS B=CW C=BS D=BS 0R08=0.00 A dump(s) in.

iCalibrate: Hall C

Log Number: 4230286Logbook(s): Body: Calibration ParametersHall:CTarget: LH2 2 10cmPass: 4Note: Calibrated On:2023-Nov-14 05:17Calibrated By: bbarkerFile:C-2023-11-14_0517_LH2_Pass-4.hcdIon ChamberExisting Setpoing (rads/hr)New Setpoint (rads/hr)Compton2,1982