Recent Log Entries

1L11-5,6 can't clear CWVF

Log Number: 3814919Logbook(s): Entry Makers: mockBody: 

1L11 cavities 5 and 6 will not go into RF due to a CWVF. Looking at the vacuum screen (Fig.2) it shows the pump was removed. Doing a master reset will not clear faults.

1L12 at 90%

Log Number: 3814912Logbook(s): Entry Makers: beneschBody: 

Lighter purple line is liquid level, darker is JT. LL probe does not read well when helium is disturbed, for example by L-tube removal and U-tube installation plus RT valve work, aka 1400-1500 time span.

1L12 Fill Rate

Log Number: 3814911Logbook(s): Entry Makers: radoviccarltoncreelBody: 

There was a problem with filling 1L12. The filling rate was very low. Troubleshooting required tunnel access. During this access adjustments were made to the JT LVDT. Also the RT was not fully open. After these adjustments, the liquid level fill rate has drastically improved.
In addition to that, the primary supply u-tube is sweaty and will need to be pumped at the next maintenance day.

COMMENT ON SL06 Rack Fan Noise

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During QA found fan was not operating - evaluation found
incorrect size pully installed on new blower assembly =
tripping starter OL. Replace pulley and checked operation -
appears normal. Will re-check in AM. Fan ON, High power
remains OFF - per Chris Kerns

COMPLETED Troubleshoot & repair VFV2L02 Fault Issues

Log Number: 3814902Logbook(s): Body: 

The fast charge module in the NL03 vacuum crate was found to be defective.

After securing the MOPS for the vacuum crate and disconnecting all slow valve
cables I replaced the defective card. I then reconnected cables for the two
adjacent valves needed to ready the fast valve and re-energized the crate.
The fast valve opened successfully with a good "ready" indicator. Once the
reaming valves were reconnected and opened, the "Beam Permit" light on the
FSD card came came on.

FSD is now clear!

Do not operate SL06 RF High Voltage

Log Number: 3814900Logbook(s): Entry Makers: eformanBody: 

Do not operate SL06 RF High Voltage until it has been released by EES-RF. There is a problem with the HVPS cooling interlock.

0L06 Spectrometer Dipole: Straight Ahead mode work around

Log Number: 3814899Logbook(s): Entry Makers: hoflergcrokeeformanBody: 

Gary Croke checked the recent attempts over the past several days to set the 0L06 spectrometer dipole to straight ahead mode. Going to straight ahead mode requires the magnet to switch polarity. He verified that the polarity switch command is being issued but the magnet power supply is not confirming the switch. The ioc waited as long as ~45 seconds for the confirmation before giving up.

Follow-up Re: NL Dropped to Indeterminate State

Log Number: 3814898Logbook(s): Body: 

Investigated cause of system B drop during controlled access. No cause found at this time. Monitored SSG system operation during sweep and system performed normal. We are currently looking at system logs to determine cause of system B drop.