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big BPMs react to correctors and SHMS magnets

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Figure 1 shows response to correctors at the left and response to SHMS magnets starting around 1150. Top panel shows XPOS and one of the horizontal lock correctors. 3H09.XPOS responds only to the H corrector which 3H08 responds to both X (top panel) and Y corrector (middle panel) as blue trace has two bumps.

In the middle panel one sees that 3H08.YPOS has two bumps, one each for H and V correctors, while 3H09.YPOS reacts only to V corrector.

The bottom panel shows the SHMS magnets. One sees expected large response in XPOS to HB and Q2 magnets and little or no response in YPOS.

Adjusted HD Laser Phase

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4 degree change to maximize current through the slit. Brought the attenuator down from 570 to 420. Hall D still looking into low energy background effects.