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1L04, 2L03 and 2L07 insulating vacuum

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Turbo pumps in 2L03 and 2L07 stopped registering gas pulses when the SL was tripped to 4K. 2L07 cold cathode gauge may still be seeing something, purple in top pane. 2L03 gauge response remained the same across the trip. 1L04 cold cathode is still seeing pulses; its pump has never shown spikes (pink in middle panel).

status phase2 injector work Day 5

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Day 5:
¼ CM utubes were pulled
removed spectrometer beamline
Greg Marble cleaned up the two warm girders on ¼ CM, removed one of the pump carts used on ¼ CM insulating vacuum space (used for 30 years!, what a pump)
RadCon cleared some debris: magnets and related things now stored in ISB cabinet, trash to dumpster, some useful beamline components delivered to TL1137 for installation on new girders
RadCon noticed activation along beamline, between ¼ CM and approximately A3 aperture. Will need more surveys performed as we continue to dismantle beamline

iocipm5c00 restored

Log Number: 4153488Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.6 Target restore date was 2023-03-24 10:00:23 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocipm5c00 <NOTE> bpmdr: Provided macro *IOC* is never used bpmdr bpmdr_ALPHA@2023-03-24 10:00 2(2) restored bpmdr_CALCONS@2023-03-24 10:00 17(17) restored bpmdr_CALFACS1@2023-03-24 10:00 6(6) restored bpmdr_CALFACS2@2023-03-24 10:00 12(12) restored bpmdr_DISBPM@2023-03-24 10:00 1(1) restored bpmdr_GOF2BPM@2023-03-24 10:00 12(12) restored bpmdr_GOFBPM@2023-03-24 10:00 5(5) restore

COMMENT ON PSS system upgrade SAD 2023

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SA system A and B racks have all the old legacy hardware removed. We are now in the process of removing legacy hardware from the SL racks A and B.

Lead shielding labeled in South Linac tunnel

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Applied lead hazcom labels to several shielding areas along the south linac tunnel (2L24, 2L25, 2L26).
Discussed application of the labels with Radcon prior to entry.

ESR morning walk

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Changed water filter. All else appears normal.