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COMMENT ON Repair connection at ARC 4 circuit breaker inside NAM2

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Comment from T. Kujawa:

It appears one phase from the circuit breaker was not torqued correctly on the load side. This caused the wire insulation to melt away and expose bare copper and ultimately trip on 'Ground Fault'. This breaker was re-installed around March 2022 after being tested offsite during a PM period.

Plan is to cut the cable back, add an inline splice, and re-terminate to a spare circuit breaker from the EEL bldg spares stock.

The original breaker will then be sent offsite to our breaker tester to be tested and cleaned.

SC2 pumpdown complete

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SC2 pumpdown of NL complete at 178 g/s, 0.0385 atm. Refilling CMs now

Maintenance Day recap

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Good morning. Yesterday's MD was the first in the ATLis/ePAS era and it went as smooth as we all thought it would go. Work got done but there were some hiccups and fumbles as folks were using ePAS in real time situations. That said, we have to start somewhere and this was as great a time as ever. The day started out with beam turned off at 0700 and Ops preparing the machine for access.

HWien Angle change from 5 deg. to -13.2 deg.

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Beam mode to 1D dump
Figs. 1-2 Before HWien angle= 5deg.

Figs. 3-4 After initial work to set the HWien angle to -13.2 deg. With beam mode set to the 1D dump (upstream of A3/A4 and the booster), Injector set up is limited to setting the HWein and optimizing transmission through the A1/A2 apertures.

Once cryo has recovered, Injector set up will continue to ensure transmission to FC2 and ILD is ready for beam Ops.

Autolog save

Log Number: 4239977Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl06

Saved: hofler 01-17-24 09:13:57 {A:2 B:3 C:5 E:1047 A=BS B=BS C=BS D=BS 0R08=0.00 0R08 dump in. A B C dump(s) in.

VIP1L07 Faulted and won't reset

Log Number: 4239972Logbook(s): Entry Makers: lrichardBody: 

Vacuum now at 10e-7. Needs to be investigated to get the pump on. After plotting, noticed a downward trend of vacuum (Fig. 2) so once it crossed 10-8 attempted vacuum reset with success and afterward was able to open valves (Fig.3).

SL RF tripped off.

Log Number: 4239971Logbook(s): Entry Makers: lrichardBody: 

Spoke to Cryo and they are aware of the trip and investigating.

Autolog restore

Log Number: 4239963Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl06
Data from: /usr/opdata/burt/allsnap/01-09-24_20:12:18
Restored file: /tmp/01-17-24_08:35:17.snap

Autolog save

Log Number: 4239961Logbook(s): Tags: Body: saver ran from opsl06

Saved: hofler 01-17-24 08:29:52 {A:2 B:3 C:5 E:1047 A=BS B=BS C=BS D=BS 0R08=0.00 0R08 dump in. A B C dump(s) in.

Operator SIGN IN

Log Number: 4239960Logbook(s): Body:  ACCELERATOR OPERATOR SIGN IN FORM OPERATOR:    Richardson
DATE:             01/17/2024
SHIFT:               Day

The operator has read the following:

INJ BCM System B, ABIL tag #1985, Expected Removal Date changed.

Log Number: 4239956Logbook(s): Body: The following Bypassed Interlock had it's Expected Removal Date changed in the Accelerator Bypassed-Interlocks Log (ABIL) Previous Expected Removal Date: 24 Jan 2024 New Expected Removal Date: 17 Jul 2024 Who made the change: Jerry Kowal Justification for the change: Injector BCM Sys A remains fully functional providing redundant coverage.