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iocse2 restored

Log Number: 4131049Logbook(s): Tags: Body: restorelib 2.5 Target restore date was 2023-02-14 14:00:46 The output from the myRestore execution was as follows: iocse2 system@2023-02-14 14:00 2(2) restored seebpm@2023-02-14 14:00 2899(2899) restored Pause: 30 second(s) SEE_BURT 64(64) restored Execute: /usr/csite/certified/bin/ced2Epics -ced ced -A -s -i iocse2 (success) Procedure return status: Success

Searching for 60 Hz noise in Injector

Log Number: 4131043Logbook(s): Entry Makers: suleimanBody: 

Took Control Access to search for 60 Hz noise in the Injector with EXTECH EMF probe but could not find any.

Used EXTECH Electromagnetic Field EMF ADAPTER Model 480824. The adapter was attached to a Voltmeter. It has a sensitivity of 1mGauss - 1mVdc and a range of 0.1mGuass to 199.9mGauss with 30 to 300Hz operational bandwidth.

The EMF noise was <0.2 mV everywhere in the vicinity of beamline - see for example Figure 1.

Initially, the Choppers were ON and the probe could is sensitive to this- see Figure 2.

Follow-up Re: NLinac heat

Log Number: 4131031Logbook(s): Body: 

Heaters in Manual (some delay due to an issue with low level controls not turning off RF when module placed in Manual).

MOPS 6-18 placed in LOCAL mode.

Waiting for iocnl1b, iocnl2, and iocnl4 to be taken down.

LEM South Linac

Log Number: 4131006Logbook(s): Tags: Body: LEM 9.15 was successfully run for the South Linac on Tue Feb 14 12:47:39 2023. The application phase took 0:00:20 to complete.

SBS Ramped Down

Log Number: 4130995Logbook(s): Entry Makers: moserBody: 

In preparation for Controlled Access. Twiddle has the saved operational values.

LEM 9.16.1 testing

Log Number: 4130988Logbook(s): Body: 

I completed full testing of the new LEM version. I performed various 'Apply' scenarios including slight adjustment to current profile, drop all cavities to minimal gradient, drop High Voltage on a zone, and pause a zone while others continue. I was unable to reproduce what Daniel had seen a while back when I first attempted to release this version.

I will install the new version soon and we should keep an eye out for any problems.