Recent Log Entries

Gun HV cable disconnected

Log Number: 4152622Logbook(s): Body: 

After applying my personal lock to the gun HVPS breaker (Panel 1B-PP3, ganged breakers 13,15, and 17) already LOTO'ed by SSG, I proceeded to disconnect the HV cable from the HVPS end first, and then from the gun.
I showed Jessica the steps in the procedure.
The 350kV termination end of the HV cable was removed from the HVPS, cleaned off the silicon greased, and wrapped in plastic. The HVPS receptacle was also cleaned and capped with lint-free wipes and aluminum foil.

Injector decarad heads removed from beam line, controllers turned off

Log Number: 4152581Logbook(s): Body: 

Late entry, yesterday afternoon Matt and I removed decarad heads from the gun and AIPINJ areas, stowing them in the cabinet. The cables and heads are labeled/matched. Turned off the two controllers in the tunnel racks to keep safe during the SAD. Will return them to gun and beam line later in SAD.

Sandbag cleanup

Log Number: 4152560Logbook(s): Entry Makers: brukerlawBody: 

Disposed of sawdust-filled socks in injector tunnel upstream of plastic curtain. Made liberal use of broom and vacuum cleaner afterwards.

Correctors removed

Log Number: 4152559Logbook(s): Entry Makers: brukerBody: 

Removed the first four corrector pairs from the beam line.

LERF Hot-Standby Operator SIGN IN

Log Number: 4152556Logbook(s): Body:  LERF Hot-Standby Operator SIGN IN FORM LERF Hot-Standby Operator: Deir
DATE: 03/21/2023

The above LERF Hot-Standby Operator has received pass down from: Deir

LERF Status at the time of passdown:

Tripping SC2

Log Number: 4152552Logbook(s): Entry Makers: wisslerBody: 

Tripping SC2 and transitioning liquid from 2K to 4K for North Linac.

COMPLETED Heat Stress survey - accelerator tunnel (SAD)

Log Number: 4152549Logbook(s): Body: 

No work/rest regimen required.
When working in the tunnel, take breaks in a cool location as needed.
Continue to drink plenty of fluids before and after entry.
Electrolyte additives for water bottles are located in the North Access Building at the ice machine.

Operator SIGN IN

Log Number: 4152546Logbook(s): Body:  ACCELERATOR OPERATOR SIGN IN FORM OPERATOR:    Deir
DATE:             03/21/2023
SHIFT:               Day

The operator has read the following:
  • ELOG
  • PD Shift Plan
  • Radiation Surveys for PSS Segments in Controlled Access
  • PSS Log