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COMPLETED Troubleshoot / repair VFV1L27

Log Number: 3626993Logbook(s): Body: 

I replaced the failed Fast Charge Module with a ready spare.
I also added a supplemental cooling device (box fan) to the
top of the Fast Valve Chassis to aid in cooling this beast.

Downtime Incident CLOSED: 1L26 Vacuum

Log Number: 3626965Logbook(s): Body: IDDescriptionPeriodCause5458Title:
1L26 Vacuum

1L26 VacuumDuration:
2 hours 4 minutes

Time Down:
16-Nov-2018 00:18

Time Up:
16-Nov-2018 02:22

Injector adjustment

Log Number: 3626958Logbook(s): Entry Makers: mmerzBody: 

after 1L27 down, experienced 0L02 BLM trips with C-beam over 20uA. Found Injector rels different than InjGrp's rels. Used MAD0I07H to flatten 0L02 rels. Vertical corrections resulted in bad downstream positions so backed out.