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Date : 12-06-23
Time : 15:12:43
Day : Wednesday
Shift : Swing

Crew Chief : Forman
Program Deputy: Ruiz
Team : C
Arm : Anthony
Designated SSO: Thomas
LERF Operator:
Operators : Anthony, Thomas

This stamp certifies that the above Crew Chief has read/reviewed/received the following:

iocbd1 watchdog

Log Number: 4230672Logbook(s): Entry Makers: mockBody: 

Not sure where this is located? Possibly Bldg. 92.
Connected to a bunch of beam dump signals. No beam to Hall C while this ioc is down.

Hall C: 15uA of CW on Liquid Deuterium

Log Number: 4230669Logbook(s): Entry Makers: emonkBody: 

Hall C request 15uA of CW on liquid deuterium.

Operator completed all required target setting adjustments for the hall on liquid deuterium with 15uA of CW.

Crew Chief would not permit operator to make adjustments to MAX JUICE.

Operational restrictions were confirmed, along with beam authorizations. Raster is ON and unmasked.

iCalibrate: Hall C

Log Number: 4230661Logbook(s): Body: Calibration ParametersHall:CTarget: LD2 10cmPass: 4Note: HMS: 17, SHMS: -29Calibrated On:2023-Nov-17 16:39Calibrated By: mmerzFile:C-2023-11-17_1639_LD2_Pass-4.hcdIon ChamberExisting Setpoing (rads/hr)New Setpoint (rads/hr)Compton2

Backing Out of the Moller Measurement (Restoring Magnet Parameters)

Log Number: 4230652Logbook(s): Entry Makers: emonkBody: 

Operators complete the process of restoring initial magnet settings with the previously saved parameters via the twiddle function.

Figures 1 and 3, highlight the parameters which required restoring. Figure 6 demonstrates magnet current plots and the special Moller magnets cycling through the hysteresis loop. Figures 2 and 4 - the general magnet control panels (the Hall C Quads, and Hall C Correctors).

Establishing the Correct Beam Current for the Moller Measurement

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The process for establishing correct beam current to the Hall C target with the Hall C laser.

Figure 1: The initial laser settings before any adjustments were made.

Figure 2: Operators establish 10uA of CW from the Hall C Laser. This is done in preparation to establish 1uA of CW to the hall target, however - the hall request 10uA from the laser and then the establishment of 1uA of beam via the slit. The establishment of 1uA via the slit allows more stable beam.

RTP and IA settings after running flipper script for IHWP OUT

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Results of running the RTP and IA flipper script for IHWP state OUT

Flipping the PC values...
Setting Pockels Cell values @ Wed Dec 6 11:59:09 EST 2023
Current IHWP state is OUT
Nominal PITA1/PITA2 = -3930
Current PITA1 = -3687
Current PITA2 = -3687
Nominal Hall A IA = 32768
Current Hall A IA = 32768
Nominal Hall B IA = 24000
Current Hall B IA = 39000
Nominal Hall C IA = 16500
Current Hall C IA = 44930
Setting nominal values

Run checkPCvalues
Checking the Pockels Cell values @ Wed Dec 6 11:59:16 EST 2023
Current IHWP state is OUT
Nominal VL/41, VL/42 = 12700
Current VL/41 = 12700
Current V

Hall C: Part 1, Procedure Steps (Setup Steps)

Log Number: 4230622Logbook(s): Entry Makers: emonkBody: 

In accordance with procedure, MCC-PR-04-009 - operators have downloaded the "Hall C Moller Optics Special Files" into the machine, and completed all of section 1 (Part 1: Setup Steps).