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RF Health Check - 271uA linac current

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Comment: 271uA linac current
Beam Conditions:
Total Linac Current (R2XXITOT) = 271.98
Hall A Current (IBC1H04CRCUR2) = 5.01
Hall B Current (IPM2C24A.IENG) = 2.51461
Hall C Current (IBC3H00CRCUR4) = 64.8
Hall D Current (IBCAD00CRCUR6) = 1.5
BSY Current (IBC4C00CRCUR5) = 0
INJ Energy (MMSINJEGAIN) = 110.587
NL Energy (MMSLIN1EGAIN) = 980
SL Energy (MMSLIN2EGAIN) = 980

Gradient Problems:
1L06-1 Gradient Loop Detector Error RMS (GLDER)=83 (<=0 or >=80ppm)
1L06-3 Measured Gradient (GMES)=0.123 (>=0.1) with RF OFF - Check Detuning or reset faults
1L06-3 GLDER=970 (>=200) with RF OFF - Check Detuni

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Saved: moser 01-22-22 04:01:17 {A:3 B:1 C:4 E:980 A=CW B=CW C=CW D=BS 0R08=68.79 No dumps in.

Injector Re-Steer

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Figure 4: C-beam relative to when Injector was last optimized 1/19.

Figure 5 and 6: Re-steered through 0L01. No terribly big changes, but did find it odd how much I had to crank of MAD0I06AH/V to get 0I07.

Figure 7 and 8: 0L->0R re-steer, InjOrb and energy locks on.

Checking CW to ILD now. Figure 9: 65uA CW from C-laser to ILD.

Figure 10: Well, A1/A2 interceptions much lower now, and 0R01 as well, although need to add 5uA from A-laser.

Figure 11: +5uA from A-laser. Looks like we made improvements.

Back to the Halls.

Getting Multiple 0R01 blm trips

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Getting multiple 0R01 blm trips and notice increase in A2 interception. Taking time to steer out.

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Saved: moser 01-22-22 02:34:12 {A:3 B:1 C:4 E:980 A=CW B=CW C=CW D=BS 0R08=67.68 No dumps in.

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Saved: moser 01-22-22 02:32:46 {A:3 B:1 C:4 E:980 A=BS B=BS C=BS D=BS 0R08=0.00 No dumps in.

Hall A -> 5uA on Optics-4-foil

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Dump left and right set to 5K, above what they are reading when delivering 5uA (usually set by Thick target calibration, but this has yet to be done. Dump puck calibration allows them to be set well above 20K).

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Saved: moser 01-22-22 02:12:15 {A:3 B:1 C:4 E:980 A=BS B=CW C=CW D=BS 0R08=64.17 No dumps in.

iCalibrate: Hall A

Log Number: 3975296Logbook(s): Body: Calibration ParametersHall:ATarget: Optics, 5 foil THINPass: 3Note: SBS OnCalibrated On:2022-Jan-21 18:22Calibrated By: mockFile:A-2022-01-21_1822_Optics_5_foil_THIN_Pass-3.hcdIon ChamberExisting Setpoing (rads/hr)New Setpoint (rads/hr)Comp